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Sea / Re: Mega-carrier
« Last post by finsrin on Today at 01:03:08 PM »
Thanks again all.  After this 1000+ parts build is treat to do less than 100 parts build.  Don't "recommend" anyone else try this,,, but like to see it done. 
Are 1/5xx carriers that would be more sane to build 1/700.
The U.S. Air Force has officially nicknamed its new HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopters as the Jolly Green II.

This moniker is a direct reference to the Vietnam War-era HH-3E Jolly Green and HH-53B/C Super Jolly Green combat search and rescue helicopters that saved the lives of countless downed American aircrews during the conflict in Southeast Asia.

I think you are missing a word there.  "Giant" was part of the descriptor.  Perhaps they're embarrassed by how small the HH-60 is in comparison?

Other / Re: Just some cool photos...nothing more, nothing less...
« Last post by The Big Gimper on Today at 08:49:46 AM »
ARLINGTON, Va. ó The U.S. Navy has given its E-2 Hawkeye squadrons a new designation to more accurately reflect the aircraftís expanded capabilities and missions.

The service has changed the name from Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron to Airborne Command and Control Squadron, effective Jan. 1, said Lt. Travis Callaghan, a spokesman for commander, Naval Air Forces, in response to a query from Seapower.

A E-2D Hawkeye approaches the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford. U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ryan Carter

Profiles and Pixels / Re: Various Artworks
« Last post by The Wave on Today at 07:58:50 AM »
Kind thanks! I do have a DA account:

Other / Re: Just some cool photos...nothing more, nothing less...
« Last post by The Big Gimper on Today at 07:56:42 AM »

Sea Fury's, RCN, Lots of ... The RN markings were replaced with RCN ones.

Scenarios / An RAF Bomber Command Daylight operation query
« Last post by kengeorge on Today at 07:33:57 AM »
A query or three for the esteemed and knowledgeable membership.
Picture the scene...Its 1942 and Bomber Command have been performing their strategic night bombing campaign over Germany for the last two years with varying degrees of success. AVM Arthur Harris has been taken to task by Winston Churchill about the achievements made so far.
The campaign has mainly targeted German cities as to demoralise the civilian population, in which Harris has had some success. Destroying the German infrastructure and ability to disrupt their war effort had been less so.
Churchill wanted Harris to re-comence daylight raids on the German infrastructure as soon as possible.
This leaves Harris with a massive problem, how can I protect my bombers all the way to the heart of Germany and back? What fighter escort can I use?
So these are what I would like your opinions on,

1 What suitable type of aircraft can Harris use in this timeframe? Bearing in mind they must be of British and/or Commonwealth origin. Why? Good question, only because American made aircraft have been allocated to the USAAF for now, as the entire first production runs of P-38's and P-47's would be destined for the Pacific Theatre of Operations due to America's Japan first policy. So what's left? What is suitable and up to the job as a fighter escort?

2 More to the point will Fighter command allow Harris to have his own private fighter wings?

3 What squadron numbers would they have allocated, and yes I have googled extensively on this subject until my eyes hurt and got nowhere.

So if anyone wants to have a go at this please do, any opinions expressed will be considered and answered.
Aero-space / Re: Sikorsky S-92/VH-92A
« Last post by kerick on Today at 07:30:34 AM »
Iím pretty ignorant of this program but I just have to ask, why didnít they go with an SH-60 or Merlin or some other preexisting type?
Land / Re: Revell 1/16 porsche 356 C Cabriolet
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 07:30:27 AM »
Despite how much of a dog this kit has been, you're turning out a great build here, mate! :smiley:
Aero-space / Re: F-104 Starfighter Ideas and Inspiration
« Last post by dy031101 on Today at 07:00:02 AM »
Thanks again, guys  :smiley:

I always preferred the later CL-1600 with different intakes

The impression that I got from Secret Projects post thread and American Secret Projects book is that the box intakes and the two ventral fins seem to be tied to either its X-27 engine trial aircraft identity or some iterations of the design that use the F100 turbofan.  The mock-up in the first two pictures appears to be the very first version of the CL-1200-1.
Aero-space / Re: Sikorsky S-92/VH-92A
« Last post by Gingie on Today at 05:55:14 AM »
^ Well said.
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