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Aero-space / Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, US Navy 1943 (Revell)
« Last post by nils on Yesterday at 08:17:08 PM »
Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, as flown by the US Navy in 1943.
the kit is the old Revell Microwings 1/144 Wildcat, built OOB.
this is the first of 3 recently finished US Navy aircraft in 1/144 scale (to be posted later)

i have another Wildcat underway, which will be finished as a Royal Navy FAA Martlet Mk.IV.

Other / Re: Modeling the Macabre
« Last post by Jeffry Fontaine on Yesterday at 12:27:11 PM »
I thought at first the artist was the same one responsible for the opening scene artwork from Starz Television Series 'Black Sails' (20142017)
Other / Re: Modeling the Macabre
« Last post by Frank3k on Yesterday at 08:50:32 AM »
My favorite horror/science fiction/fantasy book (and I hate fantasy...) is "The Night Land" by William Hope Hodgson. He was an inspiration for H.P. Lovecraft. Unfortunately, Hodgson went out of his way to make the book appear as if it had been written in an archaic English and style from the 1600s-1700s, which makes it a slog to read. James Stoddard rewrote the book in modern English and it's far more readable and memorable: "The Night Land, A Story Retold"

Some people have done a great job of drawing some of the creatures and places in the book, and they've been remarkably consistent (and close to what I imagined):

Google image search

Some examples:

More at Night Land website
Invasion of Japan/Japan 46 GB / Re: Japan 1946 GB - final conclusion
« Last post by robunos on Yesterday at 05:51:10 AM »
I'm late, as usual, but well done to the worthy winners !   :smiley:

New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: Hobby Boss
« Last post by robunos on Yesterday at 05:49:14 AM »
The vinyl tire trend continues...

Keeps the aftermarket resin guys in business. ;)

I mould my own . . .

Helicopters & Autogyros GB / Re: AH-64 Cochiti 1/48 compound chopper
« Last post by robunos on Yesterday at 05:47:43 AM »
Me likey so far . . .  :smiley:
Looking at the pictures in #4, I think green for the tailplanes . . .

Other / Modeling the Macabre
« Last post by Story on Yesterday at 05:46:20 AM »
When I was a kid, I found inspiration in a local department store's annual Halloween-to-Christmas HO train setup. It was a (relatively) huge setup behind a plexiglass sneeze and fingers shield, but what fascinated me was the Haunted House.

It was sited on a hill significantly higher than the surrounding terrain and settled next to a graveyard (of course). I couldn't tell *what* the original kit was (other than they probably had it on the shelves for sale), but this Polar Lights BATES MOTEL gives you the jist (

Whoever built it had a sense of humor, since the grounds and windows where filled with all sorts of Easter Egg details barely visible from the edge of the display.

Since then, I've tripped across similar inspirations.

Like Kris Kuksi's works, from his framed creations to his CHURCH TANK

Then there's the Chapman Brothers' Hellscapes.

Any other inspirations lurking out there?
New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: Meng Model
« Last post by Gingie on Yesterday at 04:56:18 AM »
Rumours of a Leopard C1
Land / Re: Magnifier Ford Gt40
« Last post by kpnuts on Yesterday at 04:36:41 AM »
More work on this one.
More work on this one (the rear clam shell is just rested on there to see how it looks)

Helicopters & Autogyros GB / Re: AH-64 Cochiti 1/48 compound chopper
« Last post by Artoor_K on Yesterday at 03:22:36 AM »
Let the fun begin!

And here is how my 1/48 Apache looks now. Engines and wings are from Zvezda Su-25. Tail prop is from 1/72 Orion.

Viev from above

Horizontals. I'll use grey or olive green, I don't know.

Vertical from 1/72 Su-25 with 1/48 Spitfire tail wheel.

Nose turret with cannon

Landing gear legs from 1/48 SU-25. These two grey parts (from 1/48 C-47) I'll glue on engines to make'em more massive.
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