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New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: ICM
« Last post by Frank3k on Today at 05:22:35 AM »
1/72, 1/32 or 1/35 would have been better scales.
New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: ICM
« Last post by GTX_Admin on Today at 03:07:02 AM »
1/48 Q-2A (AQM-34B) Firebee with trailer:

Tips, Tools & Techniques / Re: Photographing scale models
« Last post by GTX_Admin on Today at 02:08:48 AM »
Aero-space / Re: Huskie , red : primary seaplanes
« Last post by ericr on Today at 02:01:24 AM »
Sea / Re: Flettner rotorship "Buckau" 1/? based on old SMER kit
« Last post by GTX_Admin on Today at 02:00:09 AM »
Watching intently.
Aero-space / Re: XP-51V Vertistang
« Last post by Robomog on Today at 01:29:03 AM »
Hi All

Now that the Police Apache is complete I can get back to this one.

The tail fins are finished as is the radiator/oil cooler intake. I was hoping to mount the wing tip wheels last but soon realised that I had to attach them to the tail fins in order to line every thing up (this has been a constant theme throughout this build). These are all attached now and it is time to construct the tail assembly.

by Robomog, on Flickr

The top fin is in place, I am going to let this dry thoroughly  so it will become a template to line up the other three fins.

When all this is done it will be time to find out if it will sit on its tail as intended (audience gasp :o)

Tune in next week folks...............  ::)

Thanks for looking ....


Helicopters & Autogyros GB / Re: Metropolitan Police Apache Helicopter
« Last post by GTX_Admin on Today at 01:18:39 AM »
And for your follow on acts:

Aero-space / Re: The YoKai's World War Oneders - Air ( A. D. Scout III )
« Last post by Dr. YoKai on Yesterday at 11:14:14 PM »
A year and half later, I pick this up again -
DSCF0340 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr

The white, or otherwise unpainted portions of the build are the results of the last couple of weekends. I had the bad luck/good fortune to pick up an Airfix BE 2c early last year, mainly because another modeling acquaintance had mentioned it came with Le Prieur rockets. Got home and discovered that the box was missing the pilot sprue, so I got in touch with Hornby's USA, and they very kindly sent me an entire new kit. The rockets, to my mild exasperation, were molded to a set of struts, but with a little trimming, they were just fine for the Scout. More about the build after a bit - got to get started on the work day.  ;)

DSCF0341 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr
Tips, Tools & Techniques / Re: Photographing scale models
« Last post by Robomog on Yesterday at 07:30:29 PM »
Theres some excellent pointers in there, thanks for posting

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