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Aero-space / Re: Migs
« Last post by pigflyer on Today at 03:36:23 AM »
very nice!
Aero-space / Re: Avro CF-100 Variants
« Last post by pigflyer on Today at 03:24:23 AM »
Cool looking work. And of course as a what if, you can't get it wrong.  Great idea.
Land / Re: Smer 1911 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
« Last post by kpnuts on Today at 03:06:05 AM »
Well I've filled and sprayed the body, this in now going to be a street rod, I sprayed the mud guards and the paint reacted weirdly (went all lumpy with holes in it) tried removing the paint with clean spirit (it's an ecologically friendly brush cleaner you wash out with water) and the mud guards melted, I mean to the point it looks like a blob of melted plastic. I've used this stuff before with no trouble.

Aero-space / Re: Avro CF-100 Variants
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 02:18:53 AM »
For some reason, the trials for the ground attack showed that the CF-100 wasn't up to it.

The pylons though look like early AD-1 pylons
Aero-space / Re: Avro CF-100 Variants
« Last post by tankmodeler on Today at 01:57:24 AM »
I've found some photos of the CF-100 that was trialed for ground attack,
I like the idea of a more dedicated ground attack CF-100.
Stronger wings with the capability of taking TERs with 3x 1000 lb Mk 83 Snakeye bombs or, late in life, a laser designator pod on one pylon and GBUs  on the outer pylons.

Replace the outdated MX radar and guidance system with a smaller target radar, an IRST ball and maybe, later a LLTV or laser designator under the nose. Replace the MGs in the under-fuselage pod with a semi-recessed M-61 Vulcan or a couple of 20mm or 30mm cannon.

Retain the tip tanks or substitute them for Sidewinders for self defence.

That's not a horrible medium strike aircraft for the later 50s through mid 70s period.

and the outer ones will carry jamming pods like in the photo here.
Technically, these aren't "jamming" pods. they are chaff pods that dispense packets of precut chaff to blind intercept radars.

A jamming pod would have at least a couple of dielectric panels for the radiating and receiving antennas and, if not using airframe power (if it was a powerful pod) probably a small turbine in front to provide power through a RAM generator.

For photo recce, a chaff pod is a perfectly good fit, though.

Actually, this gives me the alternate idea of a Clunk Wild Weasel with a couple of high powered jamming and receiving pods and a couple of Shrikes/HARMs under the wings. That'd be kinda cool.

Aero-space / Re: Saab Draken Ideas and Inspiration
« Last post by tankmodeler on Today at 01:35:40 AM »
My take on a Draken upgrade. Mitsubishi F-1 wings. BAe Hawk horizontal stabilizers. And other goodies not yet finalized.
If I may be so bold as to suggest, possibly extend the nose a bit and reshape it to take a larger radome, form something like a Phantom or even a Viggen. The Draken suffered from insufficient sensor capability at the end of it's life and a good update would be a larger, better radar and the ability to fire things like the AIM-120 or Meteor.

Change the exhaust to something like the petalled exhaust of the F-100/F-110 better performance, more range.

Just spitballin' here...  :D  ;)

Land / Re: Smer 1911 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
« Last post by tankmodeler on Today at 01:31:27 AM »
is this what Smer kits are normally like.
From most of the guys who have built their armour models, yeah, pretty much.
New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: Hobby Boss
« Last post by Gingie on Today at 01:28:44 AM »
Jackal family:

New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: AFV Club, Ding-Hao Models, and Hobby Fan
« Last post by Gingie on Today at 01:27:26 AM »
Announced they are doing a Dragoon variant of their very nice Stryker kit.
New Model Kit News/Reviews / Re: Meng Model
« Last post by Gingie on Today at 01:25:35 AM »
Meng Husky..
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