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When they cancelled the TSR.2...take 2...
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When the decision was taken to cancel the TSR.2, the RAF was desperate for a replacement.  BAC, undertook another upgrade to the Canberra.  They broadened the chord of the wings and shortened the span.  They used new tip tanks.  They upgraded the engines and added a small, terrain following radar to allow the aircraft to fly low and close to the contours of the land.  The result was dubbed the Canberra S.28.  Chistened the "MRCA" - Must Refurbish Canberra Again by the wags in the RAF, the S.28 was purchased in numbers and replaced all other versions of the Canberra in RAF service.  Displayed here in the markings of 617 Dambusters Squadron.

Basically it's an Airfix PR.9 with shortened, broadened wings.  Despite stuffing as much lead weight I could into the nose, it ended up a tail sitter so I found one more fishing weight made it sit properly.  I put it as a FLIR ball turret behind the nose wheel leg.  The 617 Squadron markings came from a TSR.2 sheet by Modeldecal.  The tip tanks are from an F-4 Phantom kit.

This is the second version I built.  The first was a Revel PR.9 and I added a resin Buccaneer nose which I faired in.  Problem was it was too low for its undercarriage and so I ended up discarding it.  I didn't like the wing fairings for the engines either.  Not streamlined enough.  The Airfix kit, which is now as rare as hen's teeth, is a much nicer kit.   :thumbsup:
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Re: When they cancelled the TSR.2...take 2...
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Sweet,,,  like how it pulls together in overall appearance.  Creative, passes for OOB RW  :)

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Re: When they cancelled the TSR.2...take 2...
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Very nice ... and quick thinking on the lead weight E/O turret  :)
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Re: When they cancelled the TSR.2...take 2...
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Very nice indeed!!  :) :) Well Whiffed :) :)
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