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Dr. YoKai:
No issues here, but appreciate the prudent foresight.

Thanks Jon,  working fine here in the UK


Jeffry Fontaine:
I can not say with certainty that I have had any connectivity issues with the forum but other web pages have been problematic with pages not loading at all or going to a completely different page telling me the link is invalid but after refresh the page magically appears. 

I hadn't been on the forum for all of last week due to a stay in hospital (8 days). I hadn't seen any issues before, but since the stay, whenever I sign in, or once in, try to open a topic, I'm getting a page which says it can't connect to the page, which lasts about a few seconds, then the page opens. This morning though, this can't connect message is lasting a bit longer.

Old Wombat:
No problems here in the Antipodes, although I occasionally get a time-out error (usually on logging in) which is fixed by repeating the original action.


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