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So what is this all about?

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Hi folks,

A few of you have asked me to explain a little about the new forum and the ideas behind it.  Here goes:

First up, the name:  “Beyond The Sprues”
You can try to work out all sorts of stories/explanations for the name.  One could say for instance that it sums up that we are about more than modeling…more than plastic modeling..etc.  I am not going to try to give explanations apart from just this:  The name was suggested by Brian (aka Brian da Basher), so blame him…and be thankful it isn't "Beyond the Spats".

General Principles of Forum: The primary purpose of this forum is to provide an online community where members can display their models, profiles and other imaginative creations, share and discuss ideas and modelling techniques with like minded colleagues and most importantly, to have fun! 
We are a multi-national, creation of the internet and not just the electronic adjunct to some modelling club or similar.  This means that certain things are done differently than in the 'real world' and we have our own expectations.  For instance, it means that you are dealing with people in all sorts of places and timezones with their own unique backgrounds and cultures.  In some cases this will also mean that their primary language isn't the same as yours.

We also recognise that modeling comes in many different forms.  Some people model in plastic, whilst others model in pixels. All forms should be respected equally, just as all people’s abilities should be respected equally.  Moreover, the differing inputs of all members are complimentary.

Whilst we have a general leaning towards the speculative/alternative (aka what-if) style of modelling, that certainly does not mean real world subjects are not welcome.  We appreciate everyone's work.
I also like to think that we are an ‘adult’ (i.e. mature) forum with an open, ‘democratic’ feel.  In this, I mean we welcome suggestions and input.  We also ask people their opinions and explain decisions.

Specific Rules of Forum: You will note that we do have some definite rules for the forum.  Whilst we are all for treating people like adults, being democratic and giving some leeway in discussions, we also need to tell people what is/isn’t acceptable.  I would also comment that all modern societies do have some rules – we aren’t in favour of total anarchy (well maybe some are...). 

Finally I want you to feel that this new forum is open to suggestions, feedback and participation.  In this respect, it is not my forum, but rather our forum.

If anyone has any questions or wants any clarifications on any issues, please feel free to ask either here or to PM me.  I always aim to respond to every PM promptly.

Kind regards,


All sentiments seconded.

p.s. on anarchy, it's not a matter of no rules, it's a matter of no rulers. There is a difference.  :icon_fsm:

Nicely put Greg, round of applause and cries of 'hear hear, jolly good show', hmm i guess i should build something with spats as hommage to Brian's site name suggestion too, hehe.  8)


One addition to what I said above.

I certainly do not want this forum being seen by anyone as being in competition with any other forum or similar in existence!  I must emphasise this.  We are an independent forum and should not be viewed in relation to any other forum or similar that might exist.



Brian da Basher:
Well said, Mr GTX! As for "Beyond the Spats", I'm, uh, saving that one for a more "private" and "personal" site.  ;)

Brian da Basher


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