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Glad that the Project 41 Quad Mount stuff was useful. That Project 48 6x6 was an interesting adaptation with very advanced 'body work' for those years. With a little development, it would have been a good combat support vehicle (being lower and potentially more tractable than the 4x4 CMP while quieter-running than the Universal Carrier).

My sense is that the poor overseas assessment of the 6x6 sprang from the usual cast of reasons:

1 - In their urgency to contribute to the war effort, the ATDB jumped the gun (no pun intended) and sent undeveloped prototype conversion gun tractors to the UK for testing;

2 - The British Army was already anticipating domestic designs to their own specs (and, from experience, Whitehall will have known that it would end up funding further Project 48 development);

3 - First Canadian Army strongly favoured British- or US-built equipment ... so we can add in the usual colonial neurotic self-loathing here  :P

Another thought is about RW access to the Thornton rear bogies. As Canadian distributor, these would have been the go-to for H.V. Welles. The question is: Was there surplus US capacity for these units?

Of course, none this need be of any concern for What-If. Eg: replacement bogies could have been designed. John Inglis might have offered the entire Project 41 Quad Mount engineering for sale overseas after WW2. Eg: if Australia bought the project, it might have been redesigned for a modern chassis instead of that obsolete Ford 4x6. Heaps of potential follow-on development there  :smiley:

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Cheers Rob. All is well here ... although we're swamped with tourists on "essential travel" trips  :o   I trust that you and yours are well too!


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