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Dwell: There was an Old Lady who Lived Beneath a Walker ..

There is a knack to repurposing ruined wartime walker wrecks. The best 'donor' walkers - such as the one illustrated here - date back to the time when gangs and militias still thought there were things worth fighting over. Most of these 'final-days' machines ran out of energy or simply broke down. Those are the machines sought after by builders (walkers which suffered catastrophic battle damage can be quite time-consuming to repair for purposes of habitation).

Smaller, bipedal walkers - especially ones with well-corroded joints - make surprisingly stable frameworks for construction. In this case, the home-builder has used the walker's legs to create structural rigidity while the drive section provides a modicum of overhead protection from the elements. The addition of a tarpaulin adds further weather-proofing while creating a useful rooftop storage space - being both covered and secure.

This walker's boxy turret was repurposed as a cistern. And, with the return of the rains, once-adequate water has turned into plenty. The mistress of the house has taken the opportunity to begin a barter business. With her shingle out, she has now become known as 'The Water Lady'. The former turret roof hatches have been replaced by a tarp-lined funnel to catch falling 'sky water'. The overflowing cistern now feeds a network of repurposed IBC totes, barrels, and other water-gathering receptacles. Most of the old woman's customers bring their own jugs or water-bags for refilling.

Business is the water-trade is brisk! The old women rarely has to hunt for bunnies or chop her own firewood anymore. Of course, no-one can survive on barter alone. 'The Water Lady' also supplements her bartered fare with kitchen greens grown in vertical, pallet-based herb boxes and plastic-bucket planters. She is also in the process of building a new chicken run out back (this is a third attempt at raising chooks but outwitting the coyotes has become a game for her). Fresh eggs would be a nice treat but, most days, the old woman's pot is full. Life is good!


Beautifully bonkers, love it  :smiley: :smiley:


Nice work  :smiley:

Totes cra cra as the young folks say.
Translation: Totally crazy!


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