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POLL - 1920s/1930s GB or Between the Wars GB

"Talk is cheap, voting is free; take it to the polls." - Nanette Avery

And here we go folks! It is POLL TIME!

To keep it simple, there are only two Completed Builds categories:

- The first is Baked From Scratch (aka 'Brand Spankin' New Builds!')

- A second Poll will be established for the Shelf of Doom's Loss (aka 'Hangar Queens Rescued!')

To review all these builds, see Completed:

You will have three votes in total split between the two Polls.* Here on the Baked From Scratch Poll, you can vote for any two (2) GB submissions.

Changed your mind? Nyet problemski! You can change your vote as often as you wish.

Vote early, vote often!


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