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Eastbourne 3 Wheeled Sportscar Finished!

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This was going to be a 1/35 vehicle based on the Morgan 3 wheeler:

I took apart the Zvezda 1/35 M-72 hoping that the BMW engine would look OK, but it's too small. The Morgan front end and engine looks complicated and I didn't want to go down the rabbit hole to try and copy the structure. Since I couldn't find a good, large (1/24-1/35) motorcycle engine (and didn't want to design one) I modified the vehicle. It looks a bit like a cartoon car now, but so be it.

I kept the Zvezda M-72 wheels, since there are three plus a spare. For the engine, headlights, some of the interior and the body frame, I'm using the blue hot rod from the Lindberg 1/32 Show Rods I tried to hide as much of the steering linkage in the elliptical structure under the radiator under the excuse that this makes it more "aerodynamic"

The body is sized to the frame, except for a little bit that sticks out the end (which I'll cut off)

The instrument panel may not make the final cut, but I can make it a center drive or right, left hand drive

Most of the detail bits will be added after printing. Some details (like engine cooling side vents) are missing from the model and will be added.

Rhino 3D has a nice "artistic" display mode:

I called it the "Eastborne" because it's the first model I've designed/built at my new place. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done in time.


--- Quote from: Frank3k on July 06, 2021, 03:31:06 AM ---This was going to be a 1/35 vehicle based on the Morgan 3 wheeler:

--- End quote ---

I actually looked to buying one of those a few years back.

Love the Morgan 3-wheelers. Really looking forward to your Eastborne  :smiley: :smiley:

Needs a V-8 Hemi!

I like the Morgan, but for $60K+, I think I'd want something slightly more practical!

This car will have a pretty big engine. I need to get all the chrome off of it, though.

Peter Sellers drove a Morgan in "The Party", which is a hilarious movie for the first 3/4:


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