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Fairey Finbar - Irish Air Corps 1932

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Ok, I think I am in. Found this started Fairey IIIF, Contrail Vacform kit. Clearly at some stage in the much more enthusiastic past, it was assigned to a box-o-doom,  this GB might be just the ticket out.
Still a lot of work to go and have to come up with a bit of whiffery as well, but provided the Mods give it the nod, awaaaaaay we go.

Hmmm, how about an Irish Air Corps with a Bristol Perseus engine mod.

BTW the name is most certainly subject to change at some stage.

Subject name change to 'Fairey IIIP' for Perseus? (Asks Mod who is nodding enthusiastically.)

Oh, and this has reminded me of another rule I forgot to include ...

- Rule 12: All vacuforms (but especially Fairey biplanes) are to received special encouragement. consideration, and dispensations.  ;)

Well some progress, then a case of too many choices.
First some of the reasons for banishing this model have became apparent...  ;D

Engines.. well turns out to keep in the 20's 30's I have a bit of choice in the spares tin
Bristol Pegasus -

Bristol Jupiter - looks a bit like a PO-2

And the Perseus nicely cowled.

Can you make new parts from wire? It would probably look better and take less time than cleaning up those pieces. Looking good otherwise!

Choice of engine would depend on the period the build is set in.  Early 20's would be the Bristol Jupiter, late 20's and early 30's would be the Pegasus with the short cowl, and mid- to late-30's would be the nicely cowled Perseus.

As to the details, I think you would be better off scratch-building them.  That block of plastic you display reminds me of some old Russian injection-molded kits that were more flash than parts.


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