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Hi folks,

As promised, here is the Poll for the first Group Build of the Year/Forum.  I have tried to include all the suggestions made.  Some that I have excluded are those linked to a particular anniversary/date (e.g. Falklands Anniversary) plus a couple of the single platform themed ones - I figured with this first GB we want to be as inclusive as possible and unfortunately, single platform builds are hard to do with that.  Another that I have held off on is a "Blown deadline" Build - I think we will have this towards the end of th year to catch all those that qualify...

You can read the posts made in the Ideas and Suggestions for GBs/Themed Builds thread for more info before making your choice.  In general though, the following describe the candidates:

* Profile Build - Either a physical model based on an existing profile, or a new profile based on an existing profile
* Scaleorama Build - Resize it like...
* Balkanised Build - A country that splits up or is never unified in the first place.
* "Swap the role" Build - big bomber scale-o-ramed into fighter, fighter into strategic bomber, civilian into military, military into civilian etc.
* Vive la résistance! Build - Revolt against something/anything.  For instance, it could include French Revolution (and all derivatives/extrapolations of...either way), Soviet/communist revolution, maybe even go anarchist and do "occupy what-if"  or just about anything...
* "End of the World as we know it" Build - Red Dawn, Cold War goes hot/WWIII/Post apocalyptic theme
* "Peeping Tom" (aka Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Build - something with a recon theme
* Space & Scifi Build - pretty self explanatory
* Armoured/Land vehicle - pretty self explanatory
* "Anything Goes"/'Strut Your Stuff, the introductory Group Build" - you name it, just do it in the timeframe.  Preferably you do you favourite type of theme
* A whiffer's Tiger Meet Build - just give stripes or teeth...growl!!!
* No Guts, No Glory Build - do something that scares you.  It could be a profile, resin kit, vacuform etc.
* Commercial/Civilian Build - we're all at peace dudes, so make it nice
* How the Other Half Live Build - The Profilers have to down Mouses (Mice?) and glue something together, and the Plastic Bashers have to put together some convincing profiles

Anyway, go vote.  You have one vote but are allowed to change it should you change your mind.  I do ask that you take special care when choosing and especially give thought to choosing a theme that will allow for maximum participation by those from all forms of modelling (physical and pixel).

Voting closes Sunday, 29 January 2012.



I went with the

"Anything Goes"/'Strut Your Stuff, the introductory Group Build" - you name it, just do it in the timeframe.  Preferably you do you favourite type of theme

I plan on doing my no guts no glory (I must be crazy :o) build idea.

gone for 'anything goes' simply cos its an easy one for the first GB on the forum

id love to have a go at 'other half live' but i wouldnt have a clue where to start  ;D

I too went with anything goes, simply because I haven't touched plastic in over a year and thought it might be safest for me, and a nice overall introduction for everybody else.

Daryl J.:
Excellent ideas all of them.


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