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Jeffry Fontaine:
DreamModel 1:48th scale replacement/substitute photo-etch brass exhaust nozzles for the F-35A/B/C

Apparently a very recent arrival to the aftermarket/accessory producers.  Available only by eMail correspondence via a gMail and Yahoo address.  The two products they currently offer are both for the F-35 engine exhaust as direct replacement photo-etch brass for the plastic part included in the kit. 

***Since my original post on this company and products the topic and image I linked to at ARC Forums has gone to destination fcuked.  After a quick search of the ARC Forums I did find the original source topic at ARC at a new URL but all of the original images are gone.  Due to the changes and lack of further information at the original link I am deleting that portion of my input on this subject. 

They do have a website (LINK), but it's rather clumsy to navigate and kinda incomplete (or I just haven't found the right buttons on their page).
You can get their stuff on eBay, too.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Thanks Moritz. 

That helps fill in one of the blanks.  All I had to go by was the information in the topic that was posted and was not feeling like applying myself to a list of results from the search engine of choice. 

***Just had a peek at the web page you linked.  I completely understand your navigation problem now.  So no, it is not just you not finding the right buttons, it is an absolute mess.  :)

That website also comes up with Virus warnings.. :o

I think I will stick to emailing them.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Never saw a warning and I am using the free version of AVG which has been quite reliable so far.  Hopefully it is not an actual virus and just a problematic cookie. 


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