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Even with five votes its difficult to choose,   the build standard of this group build is very high  ;) :smiley:


3 vs 5...Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch feel to it. ;D

Poll locked and results being tallied. More shortly

Well done to all who participated in this Group Build. As always very nice productions all around and great to see a reasonable turn out for participants.
My personal maxim is that it is not about competition, it is really about showing off your work to your peers in what is really a solo hobby on most levels.

Lets keep the community vibrant and happening.

The numbers appeared to come out like this
Most votes, a dead heat
Scavenger Electric Truck by Frank3k
Wasteland Traders by Buzzbomb

Whirlwind Rescue Squad by Robomog

and another tie.
Post Apocalyptic Biker by Old Wombat
Overloaded Suzuki by Tiking

Well done to all who participated and keep up the inspirational work on the forums

Old Wombat:
Thanks for keeping the GB running smoothly, BT! :smiley:

Congratulations to all the others in the Top 5 Votees, very proud to be amongst you! :icon_alabanza:

Personally, I don't think there was a bad build in the entire GB but some just grabbed people's attention a bit more than others. Well done everyone! 8)


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