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Zombie Hand Walker

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Since we extended the GB time frame, time to get another one done.
Being totally on the Zombie Theme, this time one of the protagonists.

Found this on Thingiverse, the whole concept of walking on the hands tweaked my interest

Now, as some of you know what the design looks like and what the earlier ABS printers can do as far as quality is very often lightyears apart.
This is the print, done in fine mode directly off the printer, but enough to work with as it mostly turned out ok

Quite a few bits where the .STL file did not produce what was on the brochure  ;D with ill defined features and some random print lines

Dremel time with a carving bit and hack away. I figure it is a Zombie so imperfections on the flesh are not that critical, plus it I was not too fussed about being super finished

Then it was PSR time.

More to follow

Jeez  you've set yerself a task there,  good luck !


Some of the imperfections seem to add to it. Carry on!

And here I was thinking it would be something like this from the title:

Zombie implants, too!

If this is printed in ABS, you can use Acetone vapor to smooth it.


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