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It came from the spares bin!!

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This is a current WIP that has been shelved until I decide on a paint scheme. I had to order an extra sprue from a Tamiya Corsair as a used kit I bought was missing the propeller. Hence I ended up with a spare fuselage and some cockpit parts.

After looking through the parts bin and trying a few things It lead to this:

I'll try and update with more progress pics. I figure there are parts from about 30 different kits into it so far. everything from nacelles from a Ju-88, to drop tanks from a mIg 21 to spare wheels off a Morris Mini.

Very interesting, I look forward to getting more pics!


There is much to like in this very busy creation

Old Wombat:
I love it! :-*

--- Quote from: Buzzbomb on September 19, 2021, 06:54:41 AM ---There is much to like in this very busy creation

--- End quote ---

Absolutely! :D


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