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Old Wombat:

Hi all

As this is going to be a diorama (eventually) the first thing I need to do is cut out the  areas that will be doors so that I can pose the scene of unloading and preparing for a search. The existing door will be shown open. A second door has been cut in the opposite side. The area over the rotor gearbox has been removed as I said before this may be discarded to make way for an equipment rack or hinged to make a cover.

by Robomog, on Flickr

by Robomog, on Flickr

Doors have been cut in the rear equipment bay area and another door will be cut to fill the hole where the tail was removed.

Unfortunately exposing all this interior means I'll have to detail said interior somewhat which you can see on the top half of the body shell. I will also have to construct some sort of racking to hold some of the gubbins.

Thanks for looking


This is a great idea. Te interior ribbing looks good! Are you going to put the engine in the nose, like in the real helicopter?

Yep the engine will be in the nose, a reasonable amount of room with the big radial gone and easy to get at with the doors open. (Although you wont see it, the front clamshells are staying shut)

Will probably do a drive chain to the rear wheels, I'm still trying to sort out the suspension and steering  :-\


People have put other helicopter fuselages on truck frames to make a sort of camper like vehicle so why not this? Looks cool!


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