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Hi all

Wasn't Intending to compete in this group build but I saw the attached when watching a Glastonbury documentry a few weeks back and that started a brain worm.

The finished kit will not look much like the original,   but the influence is there.

I had a Whirlwind (well a Revell Chickasaw really) without its glazing which was a shoe in for this and gradually bit by bit the brain worm kept adding ideas and suggestions until I had a whole diorama planned.

Now while  its unlikely I will complete the diorama in time I'm going to try and finish the star vehicle ( yes a vehicle not an aircraft ! More scope for 'gubbins' ) in the time given. This in turn may be reduced as my mum is going in for a knee replacement, nevertheless I will do my best to finish on time.

Just a taster,  more detail and a sort of back story later.........

Thanks for looking


Old Wombat:
This looks like it could be fun! ;)

That's the spirit  :smiley:

Great inspiration image

Oh I do like the looks of this  :smiley: :smiley:

Hi all

Not going to be much of a back story.

Basically the worst happens leaving man kind struggling to survive, a remote RAF supply depot is largely spared a direct hit but is devastated by a couple of remote near misses. Those below ground survive. Above ground most buildings are damaged some destroyed. Most of their transport is destroyed or damaged. All communications are lost, they are on there own.

They have enough  food and water for now and an abundant supply of fuel, they realise realise that there maybe a lot of people wandering in the wilderness or starving in villages, they need people to rebuild civilisation.

That's when the Rescue Squads were born each unit consisting a large  supply vehicle with a varying number of motorbikes that would venture into the wilderness to find people and bring them back.

The transport situation was dire, there were plenty of bikes to be found but supply vehicles such as large lorries or crew buses were in very short supply and so the mechanics descended on scrap heaps  and collected all things mechanical to construct something large enough to support a rescue squad...........

And so construction begins.

I have amassed probably the largest selection of parts of any project so far

by Robomog, on Flickr

Essentially this vehicle will be constructed from a disused shell of a Whirlind helicopter devoid of engine, gearbox and associated equipment which will be married to a diesel engine, wheels and transmission taken from the scrap heap. All unwanted equipment is stripped out, the tail is cut off and all the spaces behind the last bulkhead converted to storage. The area that contained the gearbox behind the cockpit will be have a lift up cover or will be deleted altogether to make way for an equipment rack.

More when it happens........



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