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Old Wombat:
A couple of previous Post Apocalyptic builds:

28 Months Later: Rage Virus Survivors;

(Note: I'm fairly sure this was my first build when I got back into modelling; if not, it was the second.)

PA Earth Exploration Vehicle;

(Note: Another early build. There was a story that went with this about a "Lifeship" returning to an Earth smashed by asteroids after a multi-generation voyage at near-light speed, so some 100's of 1,000's of years after the event, & having to re-colonise the planet with its PA evolved fauna & flora.)

One idea I am toying with is something set post a Cuban Missile Crisis going bad.  In doing some research for novels written in the general period I came across this one:

Just found this on Youtube.. The normal mind boggling skills ending with an awesome result

The build on Youtube

Old Wombat:
Slightly off-centre inspiration:



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