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Here are the Rules of the "Post Apocalyptic" Group Build:

* Have Fun!!!
* This includes all post apocalyptic genres, both dystopian and utopian (hey, it doesn't always need to be dark and somber).  This includes zombies obviously...
* Creativity encouraged as is collaboration.
* Duration is 1 Aug - 30 Sep 2021 11 Oct 21 (After Extenstion). An extension may be granted, but only a short one and only if the Moderator (me :-X  Buzzbomb) feels like it...bribes welcomed in this regard! 8)
* Projects already started prior to the offical start date may be considered for inclusion but only if minimal work has been done - this will be judged on a case by case basis.  Please send details of any particular cases to me for determination of eligibility. are fully encouraged, within the spirit of things of course.  ;D Move it off the gunnado's to the gedderdones
* Nothing to see here...I said walk away... :icon_punal:
* Physical creations and pixels/stories will be judged separately.
* Any questions are to be directed to the Moderator (me again! :-X  Buzzbomb).
* See rule 1...IT'S NOT NEGOTIABLE!!!

What’s going on?! You have a rule 6!

Oh no  a real  rule 6 !   

It's the end of the world ! ..............................

..........  oops  :-[


Old Wombat:
Oh, bugger! :icon_crap:

I'd sworn off GB's, too, & now you throw my favourite genre at me with inspirational images! :o

I shall have to think about this, as I'm in the middle of a build I don't want to pause, but I have so-o many planned Post Apocalyptic builds planned I'm spoiled for choice! :-\

And in a sign of how harsh the post apocalyptic environment is, I have been knocked off as Group Build Moderator by Brian (aka Buzzbomb) :icon_punal:.  Some will say that it was for mentioning rule 6...


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