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Desert Speeder

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This is the Hasbro tread speeder, that I modified to a desert speeder instead. I sawed off the treads, the toy-like missile launcher and it's mechanism, and other parts that I didn't want and replaced the opened areas with plasti-card and some minor scratch built and other small detail parts from 'box of tricks'. The result is what you see. I posed the figure that came along with the Hasbro tread speeder. I posted photos without the figure as well. Thanks for looking.

Awesome !!!

That fits the genre so well.

Old Wombat:

--- Quote from: Buzzbomb on April 16, 2021, 08:04:23 PM ---Awesome !!!

That fits the genre so well.

--- End quote ---

+1 8)

Another beautiful creation Charles!

Thanks guys. The original Hasbro model is this:


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