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LF MLG for the 1:48th scale Italeri V-22 Osprey

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Jeffry Fontaine:
One of my Italeri V-22 Osprey kits has broken axles on the MLG.  Do not remember if it was the port or starboard gear but the axle is broken off and there is no practical approach to repairing it.  I have contacted Italeri but they can not be arsed to reply so now I am asking via the forums. 

So if anyone has built the Italeri 1:48th scale V-22 wheels up or opted for the metal landing gear from SAC and you have the MLG bits spare to your needs I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this problem with my kit. 

Also, no, I am not willing to purchase the metal gear as I really do not feel that my project warrants that expense.


Old Wombat:
Can probably help you out there, Jeff, but I'll need to drag the kit out from the semi-deep stash. Can probably have them in the mail Tuesday, if that's OK.

If so, just PM me your postal details & I'll get it done.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Thanks and no worries on when it gets here.  I have many other projects to distract me and keep me preoccupied. 

By the way, have you found any use with the items I sent you?  I always worry that my efforts may be interpreted opposite of my original intentions.  :smiley:

Old Wombat:
Cool! I'll find the kit & dig the gear out, a.s.a.p. :smiley:

Not yet, but they're in the stash waiting for the opportune moment! ;)

Old Wombat:
Hi Jeff! :smiley:

I've got the landing gear out of the box ready to post, I'll be sending both MLG units & the NLG, but I can't find your address.

Could you please PM me with that a.s.a.p., so I can send the parts off tomorrow.




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