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Red Star Resin (Vitaliy Repin)



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Jeffry Fontaine:
The name of the person making the RC-12 kit is Vitaliy Repin.  He is also developing a conversion kit for the 1/48th scale Trumpeter C-47 to create a Basler BT-67 Turbo Dakota/DC-3/C-47/R4D.  The downside is that the conversion is intended for the Trumpeter C-47 kit and I am not sure how it will interface with the Monogram kit. 

Images and details can be seen at this link on the Aircraft Resource Center Forums 1/48 Basler BT-67 conversion set for Trumpeter C-47

Hi! I released B200 King Air in RAF colours. I presented this model in Telford last November. After I gave complete model to pilots from 45(R) squadron in Cranwell.

I plan to release TC-12B/C-12 Huron kit next summer.

If you have any question or something please welcome.

Also I make aftermarket sets in 1/48 scale. Check here


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