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Leading Observer 2018 Stash Reduction


Leading Observer:
Hi folks,

Having reviewed part of the stash, I have decided [reluctantly] that some more of it has to go - there are some larger kits in this list which I simply won't have space for if I ever built them, and others are where I have duplicates. Some of my original list are still up for grabs.

All are 1/72 unless stated otherwise.

PM if interested and I'll work out the postage:

Airfix Nimrod                                   £40.00
Trumpeter Tu-142MR Bear           £60.00
Revell Convair RB-36H                    £60.00
Mach2 B-45 Tornado                      £35.00
MPC Rockwell B-1B                         £35.00 [Box is damaged and I suspect the Decals are unusable]
Heller Canadair CL215                     £20.00
Mach2 Argosy RAF 60ís Livery       £40.00
Heller Nord Noratlas                         £17.50
Airfix 617 Sqdn 60th Anniversary Set £35.00 [1/72 Lancaster + 1/48 Tornado]
Revell Saab JAS39A Gripen              £10.00
Kitech 1/144 B-2 & F-117                £15.00
Emhar FJ-4B                                       £7.50
Hasegawa US Aerospace Ground Equipment £12.00
Hasegawa Aircraft Weapons Set IX £12.00 [JDAM & Target Pods set]
Hasegawa Kyushu J7W1 Shinden    £10.00
Italeri EF2000 Typhoon IIB                £10.00
Hasegawa F-106A Delta Dart             £15.00
Fujumi E-2A Hawkeye                         £20.00
Revell NH90 NFH Navy                        £25.00
Kitech F-14D Tomcat Plus                   £15.00
Zvezda Su-33 Flanker D                       £15.00
Trumpeter F-107A                                £15.00
Hasegawa EA-6B Prowler                    £15.00
Hasegawa MIL Mi-24 Hind E               £10.00
Fujumi F7U-3P Cutlass                          £15.00
Fujumi KA-6D Tanker                            £15.00
Mach2 P6M-2 Seamaster                     £50.00
Airfix Vampire T.11                                 £7.50
Platx X-47B                                               £30.00
Hobbycraft CF-100 Mk.V                      £25.00
Mach2 Convair YF2Y-1 Sea Dart         £20.00
Taka F-82 Twin Mustang                     £12.00
Airfix He177                                           £12.00
Trumpeter Harbin H-5 [Il-28]              £7.50
Academy T-6G Texan                            £7.50
KP Convair XFY-1                                    £7.50
Zvezda 1/200 Li-2                                  £3.00
Fine Moulds Kugisho R2Y1 Keiun        £20.00
Heller L749 Constellation                     £22.50
Airfix B-24 Liberator B.VI                       £20.00
Airfix Sunderland Mk.III                         £15.00

Leading Observer:
Hi folks,

I'm going to start putting these up on ebay, so if you are interested, please PM me


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