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Leading Observer Stash Reduction - Updated [2]


Leading Observer:
Some of you may have seen these over on

So here goes - I will offer these here first -p&p will need to be added. For posting to UK addresses it will be about 3.00 for most kits, although larger ones may be more. Overseas will obviously be more. Payment by Paypal please. PM if interested

All 1/72 unless stated otherwise

Airfix   Beagle Basset [Kitstarter Boxing]    15.00
Airfix   Folland Gnat T.1    5.00
Airfix   Lockheed S-3A Viking    15.00
Airfix   Spitfire PRXIX    7.50
ARTModel   YAK-141 Freestyle    25.00
ARTModel   MiG E-8/2    20.00
Eduard   MiG-15 [Weekend Edition]    10.00
Hasegawa   Mitsubishi T-2    10.00
Hasegawa   A-37A/B Dragonfly    7.50
Hasegawa   Mitsubishi F.1    10.00
Hasegawa    E.E. Lightning F.Mk.6    10.00
Heller   SAAB J-32 Lansen    20.00
Heller   1/144 Rafale M    7.50
Heller   LTV Crusader F-8E    10.00
Heller   M.D.450 Ouragan    7.50
Heller   Curtis H.75 A3     7.50
Hobbyboss   Messerschmitt Me262A-1A    7.00
Hobbyboss   Junkers Ju-88    7.50
Italeri   AH-64 Apache    7.50
Italeri   Caproni Ca.311    10.00
Italeri   V-22 Osprey    15.00
Italeri   MiG-27M    15.00
Italeri   MH-53J Stallion Pave Low III    15.00
LS Model   Mitsubishi Ki-109    20.00
MAC Distribution   MiG-21R    7.50
Matchbox   Junkers Ju-188    7.50
Matchbox   Meteor NF.14/12/11    7.50
Matchbox   Fairchild A-10    7.50
Matchbox   A-4M Skyhawk    7.50
Matchbox   BAe Hawk 200    10.00
Mistercraft   MiG-21MF "Tomcat Killer"    5.00
Mistercraft/Kopro   L-39 [Thunderbirds Acrobatic Team]    7.50
PM Model   Hawker Sea Fury T.20    5.00
PM Model   Horton Ho229-A1    5.00
PM Model   Focke Wulf Ta-183 Huckebein    5.00
PM Model   Focke Wulf Ta-154    5.00
Revell   Horton Go229    7.50
Revell   Messerschmitt P1099 B/I    15.00
Revell   RAH-66    7.50
Revell   S-2A Tracker    20.00
Special Hobby   Messerschmitt Me-264 Amerika Bomber    80.00
Toko   IL-2M    7.50
Toko   P-63A Kingcobra    7.50 /s]

Heller Douglas DC-6B Super-Cloudmaster 16.00
Airfix Club "First & Last" Harrier set 20.00
Air fix Club "Under a Red Star" Spitfire Vb, Hurricane IIb and P-40B Warhawk 18.00
Frog DH. Hornet F.Mk.3 7.00

Leading Observer:
Check this list before mine:,44552.msg789705/topicseen.html#msg789705

Old Wombat:
Or you could try the same list here:

Leading Observer:
One more added

Leading Observer:

Pioneer 2 Kit #4030 Bereznjak Isajev BI-M2/BI-1 5.00
Revell AVRO Shackleton AEW.2 18.00


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