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Cliffy B:
Hey guys, I've been cleaning out the house over the past few weeks and I came across a few kits/parts/decals that I thought could be still of use to some of you.  All are constructed (Testor's tube glue) and painted (Testor's and MM enamels) when I was younger. 

I'm offering them up for fodder as kit bashes/spare parts/whiffs/etc...  I only ask you to pay the postage (USPS or your preferred method) and I would prefer to sell the whole lot at once so that I can put them all in one box.  I will wrap them in paper/bubble wrap/packing peanuts to insure they stay as intact as possible.  Let me know if you're interested.  I'll leave this up for a few weeks and if no one wants them by then, into the trash they go!


1/48 Monogram P-61 Black Widow:

Revell box scale (1/545?) BB-63 (all turrets and movable pieces were cemented):

Revell box scale RMS Titanic:

Revell box scale (1/430?) BB-39:

Revell box scale (1/460? CV-5:

Italeri 1/720 CV-66:

Spare parts for the P-61 (mainly drop tanks, some gear doors, and assorted small bits)

Assorted 1/72 and 1/48 Aircraft Decals and Revell paper naval flags (Stripes are 1/720 CV flight deck stripes)

I'll ship the P-61 parts and decals for free but the ships will have to be at cost due to the size of the box.  Feel free to ask questions or request more photos.


Brian da Basher:
PM sent on the drop tanks.

Brian da Basher

Jeffry Fontaine:
I would not mind having that set of Revell 1/48th scale F-16 ADF decals if they are still available. 

Logan Hartke:
My father would love the CV-5 Yorktown model and I would gladly pay the shipping for all the ship models.  Personally, I'm not interested in the CVN-66 at all and if anyone else wants it, they'll have no fight from me.  I will not likely do anything with it.  I'm most interested in the CV-5, though.  PM sent.



Cliffy B:
PMs in bound gents, give me a few minutes to shoot them out.

Titanic is spoken for in addition to the above posters' items.


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