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Please find below the proposed BG calendar for this year. 

1 Feb - 31 Mar:  Floaty GB - Mod:  Artoor_K
1 Apr - 31 May: Red Star Soviet GB - Mod:  Comrade LemonJello
1 Jun - 31 July:  Racing Theme GB - e.g. Reno racers, F1 cars etc etc - Mod:  JCF - being done as the Annual Non-Military GB this year
1 Aug - 30 Sep:  Retro futuristic GB - Mod: taiidantomcat
1 Oct - 30 Nov: Drone/UAV/unmanned whatever GB - Mod:  GTX_Admin
1 Dec - 31 Jan:  TBA...

Note that I have had to drop our the annual Clear your workbenches GB (for now).  If you want me to reinstate it we could perhaps drop out the annual "non-military" GB on the basis that we have something similar in the Racing Theme GB instead.  If I dd this, we would slide everything from mid year forward and then slot the Clear your workbenches GB in at the end.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Volunteers for GM mods also welcomed.

I would be cool with moving the racers to the civilian category. I can moderate but only the back half of the year. Hoping retro futurism GB or unmanned?

Maybe weaver can do the Russkie GBU here too?  O0

I'll toss my two bitcoins out there:

If there's enough interest in keeping the calendar as posted, an option would be to run the "Clear Your Workbench" GB concurrently with the Racing GB or staggered by a month to straddle the holiday/new year/1st GB of 2018 period.  I don't have any problem if we dropped the "Clear Your Workbench" for 2017.  If I were to be held to one answer I'd go with moving the Racing GB to the Civilian/Non-military spot and adding back in the Clear Your Workbench year ender.

Looking at the coming year, I'd be better able to moderate one of the early GBs - it's looking as though summer/fall of 2017 are going to be pretty hectic for House LemonJello.


--- Quote from: taiidantomcat on January 25, 2017, 06:05:34 AM ---I would be cool with moving the racers to the civilian category...

--- End quote ---

Me too.

I can moderate Floaty GB. Please, choose me! :)


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