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Ok folks,

Time to vote for which Group Builds you would like in 2017.  Please note that there are already two GBs locked in:

* The Annual Clear Your Bench GB - typically done over the Christmas/New Year period each year; and
* The annual "non-military" GB.
The vote will go through for the next 3 wks.  Each member has 5 votes and you can change your mind if you so desire.

If you want more info on any option, have a look here (the order of the voting options is pretty much the same order the GB ideas were posted) or simply ask.

Please also feel free to campaign for your favourites - bribes to the Admin and Mods will be considered... ;)

I didn't vote for any of my own ideas  :o

Wow! There are too many good ideas in there. Maybe we can narrow it down, tournament style? Top 10 picks move on to the second round of voting? Or perhaps combine some choices? Punked/retro future.... Early WW2/spats...

Combining might happen depending on how the vote goes.

I'll throw my hat in the ring to moderate one of the upcoming builds. No preference as to which one.


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