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Jeffry Fontaine:
Now that there are three M24 Chaffee kits available with varying levels of accuracy and detail there might be a need to discuss ideas for this subject.  The family of vehicles based on the M24 (T24) Chaffee family of vehicles includes several motorized gun carriages, cargo carriers, high-speed tractors and a tracked recovery vehicle. 

(Click to view article at Wikipedia.  Image source D. Miller/Wikipedia)

On track link there is a model of an M24 Chaffee converted to the Norwegian NM-130 Armored Recovery Vehicle built by Kwan Lam (Unable to hot-link image due to Mr. Owen's reluctance to share bandwidth)


Wikipedia - M24 Chaffee
Search results for M24 Chaffee from Google

T.24 trialled with German suspension unit

Beginning of Bridge at Remagen movie has great shots of M24s.

The French put Chaffee turrets on 150 AMX hulls for use in Algeria.


The M24 turret was also mounted on the hull of the M38(T28) Wolfhound six-wheeled armored car,
to test the stability of the chassis while firing a 75mm gun. Due to the difference in turret ring diameter
an adaptor ring was bolted to the M38, and the M24 turret was bolted to the adaptor ring. The turret
was fixed in position.


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