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T-44, T-54, and T-55 MBT series vehicles, including foreign production

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--- Quote from: kerick on November 13, 2014, 10:56:17 AM ---I wonder if its the basic T-54/55 engine in the BMP-55 or something new.

--- End quote ---

Most sources list the 700 hp Malyshev 5TDF horizontally-opposed diesel (which originally powered the T-64).

Mick Keenan:
 Found some pictures of an Iraqi Type 69 conversion with the 125mm 2A46 from a T-72,  the Iraqis managed to stuff the gun and auto-loader into the turret and had to raise the turret roof.

Swapping turrets between T-55 and Super Sherman M-51

What if T-55 122 (2 flavours) and T-55 125?

For our purposes, this 14.5mm cupola setup looks ripe to transplant.


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