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Jeffry Fontaine:
Scratch build/Kit Bashed 1:48th scale Consolidated B-32 Dominator built by Gerald Asher

Quite impressive when you consider it took five kits to create this monster.  According to the description Mr. Asher listed the following donor kits that were needed to create his B-32:

2 X 1:48th scale Monogram B-29 Superfortress kits.
2 X 1:48th scale Monogram B-24 Liberator kits.
1 X 1:72nd scale Monogram B-36 Peacemaker kit. 

That is a lot of plastic. 

Wikiepdia - Consolidated B-32 Dominator

National Museum of the United States Air Force - B-32 Dominator Fact Sheet

Some SERIOUS plastic engineering there! Very impressive indeed.

Sorely tempted to draw one up with W3420's replacing the R3350's to save the radial for the more successful, and important, B-29.  Perhaps keep the twin vertical tails of the prototype, too?

Jeffry Fontaine:
Some what if B-32 Dominator missions:

B-32 (or would it be a PB5Y or a PB-32?) Dominator patrol bomber to replace the PB4Y Liberator and Privateer. 

Dominator MR.2 RAF Coastal Command. 

KB-32 Dominator and Dominator K.3 tanker for refueling tactical aircraft at medium altitudes?  Hose and drogue equipment in the tail and under each wing for refueling the early jet aircraft like the F-84 Thunderjet and other early first generaton NATO aircraft. 

Dominator AEW.3 with the APS-20 radar on the bottom of the fuselage.  [for you Kit :)]

RB-32 Dominator and Dominator E.4 for intelligence gathering missions to collect electronics and radio-telecommunications signals. 

I suspect we might see some cool B-32 profiles in the know who you are. ;)


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