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One idea that I have toying with for a while is to introduce a dedicated area for posting of scenarios.  By these I mean those ideas for alternate timelines/countries etc that you may have and wish to develop.  They wouldn't necessarily be linked to any one platform but rather the general background.  I hope that makes sense.

By way of example, the concept of a Communist Canada might be one such scenario that could be discussed and developed ...and ultimately provide inspiration to others to make models/do profiles/write stories (all of which would be posted elsewhere in the appropriate areas).

Before doing so though, I want to ask your opinion.

Poll is up for 14 days and you can change your mind if so be.  As always, please feel free to post any arguments for/against into this thread.  Please also feel free to post questions.

Kind regards,


So, you're saying a general change in the stream of events rather than a change specific to a particular platform?  Such as a Jewish state in the Middle East being started after WW I rather than after WW II?  Or the parties partitioning the remains of the Ottoman Empire after WW I being a bit more sensitive to local groupings sintead of just drawing lines on a map?

Yes.  This would not be a platform specific area...though that doesn't mean that platforms couldn't be mentioned/discussed as part of a scenario. 

For example, what if Israel adopted a Communist/Soviet leaning rather then a Western/Captialist one.  One could then possibly see Israeli MiGs and Sukhois and by default (possibly) Arab air arms with Western Equipment .  Basically an entire flipping of the coin.

I trust that is clearer.

Well there was a proposal to form a Jewish state in north western Australia between the wars. I can't remember the exact details or even the title of the article but imagine Israel or what ever they called it existing in mostly uninhabited land within a secular democracy before Nazi Germany. Also what effect would it have on Australia, good or bad?

Err guys, please don't start discussing particular scenarios in this thread.  I only posted what I did by way of an example.


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