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--- Quote from: jcf on January 08, 2012, 01:22:13 AM ---Folks, nothing has been decided and as stated I'll be trying various things and
poll results/feedback will be used to determine the answer. We truly do want to
make this board as democratic as possible.

--- End quote ---

I concur fully.

Folks,  both this Poll and the related "What is your preference regarding the smilies?" one are part of our efforts to resolve this so that everyone is happy. 

Please be patient though.  Unfortunately, to all of our frustrations, something like this isn't as quick a thing to rectify as we might hope.  Apart from the fact that we are learning as we go (despite the stellar job Jon is doing, we are still seeking an IT Guru), we also are somewhat limited by the technical aspects of the software and related.  As stated above we are running SMF 2.0.2 (the latest and greatest? version).  We chose this to try to ensure the forum was fully up to date and able to offer you the most.  Unfortunately, it looks like that means we are suffering a little of the dreaded "bleeding edge" problem in that whilst it may be good in other areas, there are still limited confirmed smiley groups available.  We will keep trying though.  The same goes for the other issues that are still pestering us - these are being looked at.

All I can say is please be patient and try to look past these minor technical issues.  They should not prevent you from still having a good time here and posting interesting comments.  We have been going for less than a month, so issues of this sort should be expected.  I am sure in a few months nobody will even remember them.

If anyone wants to know more or to follow up seperately, my PM is always read and responded to.




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