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Logan Hartke:
I think everyone's experiencing this right now, but PMs on the forum always seem to end in a timeout.  They always get where they're supposed to go, but they generally give me a message like this:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D:\Hosting\8679554\html\Forum\Sources\Subs-Post.php on line 760

or an HTTP 500 error.

It's been going on for days, now.  Again, the messages are getting through, but they never look like they are sending successfully to the sender.



I know  - this is extremely frustrating and we are looking into it.  Please be patient.  I have found the best thing when this ( or similar happens - e.g when posting a reply) is the simply reload the page.  It will usually tell you that it has already sent the message then.  Not a solution I know, but something until we properly fix this.

Please be patient with these technical, teething issues.  By all means raise them - if we aren't told then sometimes we may not know there is a problem.  That said though, please understand if they take a little bit to resolve - myself and the rest of the mod team are learning as we go with all this stuff.

Please also feel free to volunteer your assistance f you know something about this sort of stuff - NO OFFER WILLBE IGNORED!



I'm also experiencing this trouble. Sometimes I even get this timeout message just clicking on a topic's name. The connection to this forum seems to be very slow on the whole.

I got some 8 of those messages while trying to register. I notice that certain times of day are less likely to occur these timeouts.

Logan Hartke:
I got my first successful PM!  Hopefully that issue is done.




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