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A few of you have commented regarding the smilies and your desire for something different to the ones currently being used. 

We haven't been ignoring you in regards to this ( well maybe one of you... ::)).   We I have simply been distracted...damn EggNog tasting competition... :sick:

However, before making any changes, we would need to first know what the preference of the majority of members is and secondly, if there is a majority preference for a change, what the new preferred style is.

Hence this Poll.  Would you please first vote whether or not you would like a change form the current style of smiley, and secondly, if you would prefer the style be changed, provide an example of what your new preferred style would be.

To do the latter part, please include an example ( just one should suffice so that we know the general style).  This can be done either by copying the smiley image location and then using the [img] function, or by simply providing a URL link to somewhere with the relevant smily type...or by simply PMing me.

I have set the Poll duration for 14 days.



I don't care about the style! So long as they're smaller, say about half the current size? If it's an option, perhaps just keep the current ones, but make them smaller?

I also think they're way too big. And some are rather ambiguous, which kinda contradicts their intended sense of making emotions in a written post clearer. Examples:

 :(  Supposed to mean "Sad" - looks sulky.
 :slow: Supposed to mean "Slow", as in: didn't get it the first time 'round - actually looks surprised.
 ::) Supposed to mean "Roll-eyes" - actually looks like he either didn't get the joke or or is suspicious of something.
 8) Supposed to mean "Cool" - looks more like "not listening to ya anyway".

And we could use "thumbs up" and "worship/bow" smilies. And one sticking the tongue out. This one...  :P looks more dead than cheeky.  :D A shrugging one would also be neat.  This one ... :-\ (undecided) doesn't quite cut it.

Which ones I would prefer? The ones on ARC and the "old style" (AIUI; as on Whatifmodelers) are better. They don't disrupt the flow of the text (with some exceptions, but none as much as the "new style" ones) and are much clearer.

EDIT: Please note that the smilies have changed since I posted the above!

I lean towards the smaller, older style, but with a few added.

Quick search-I think these could cover it.  Collection 1 is cool.

Of course, just my $0.02. 

smaller would be good, especially in the 'reply' texting box, they just spring right out at you too much


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