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Anyone else getting delayed PM emails?


Hi folks,

Not a major issue but is anyone else getting emails advising them of new PMs only to find that they are actually PMs that were received days before?  I have had this happen twice now in the last couple of days.  As I said, it isn't really an issue but rather just an oddity.  I am trying to check if it is something to do with the forum or rather something with my email.



Jeffry Fontaine:
Yes, that has been an ongoing experience for myself for quite some time now.  This is not just a problem here on this forum but it crops up on the ARC forums too where I have actually read the message and then have received notification via eMail that there is a message waiting for me to be read.  A bit perplexing but figured it had something to do with sun spots, phase of the moon, NSA, FBI, etc.  or more to the point, events or agents over which I have no control. 


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