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Hi folks,

A thread for various Self Propelled Artillery Ideas & Inspiration.

To start, some things from the real world (yes, honestly they are!):

What happens when weapons designers get on the wacky juice:

Although this is Chinese, tell me it doesn't make you think of a SPH derived Humvee:



Reminds me somewhat of an idea I had using the prime mover cab from an M26 Dragon Wagon along with some heavy gun on the back where the crane & towing gear normally lives.

Definitely got a heavy Hummer look to it though.

As for that Italian SPG on wheels.  Yipes & I thought that the Stryker MGS was daft.

Thanks for sharing.



I actually thought the idea of mounting heavy weapons on low-cost platforms would be brilliant if executed properly, especially if the troops those platforms are intended for would otherwise have only man-portable weapons and maybe some mortars to count on.

Executed properly, as in the understanding that we're talking about artillery, direct or indirect fire, and air defence types.  None of the too-far-ahead-of-our-time items like "MBT on wheels".

So something akin to the CAESAR SPH?



Jeffry Fontaine:

--- Quote from: GTX_Admin on December 25, 2011, 02:57:58 AM ---So something akin to the CAESAR SPH?

--- End quote ---

The Ceasar gun system would look good on the MAN 8X8, Oshkosh HEMTT 8X8, or MLRS instead of the French 6X6 as an alternative wheeled or tracked vehicle.


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