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Boeing 2707-200 SST 3d

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You did all that in a month and a half?


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You did all that in a month and a half?

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Sorry for late response.
Yes, from mid august to end of september. Posted these images on the first of october on secret project forum... So that's a month an half. Well not counting the time I've been collecting documentation on the thing, started that long time ago.

Were the afterburners used in cruise or just to break the sonic barrier, as with Concorde?

Welcome bols59, the Wikipedia page on the 2707 has links to Flight magazine articles on the
final config, the 2707-300, with details of the nacelles, overall the design was technically more
advanced than the Concorde and used positionable shock-cones and other devices in a manner
not disimilar to the SR-71. Looking at the info it looks like the augmented thrust was primarily
intended for take-off.

The Big Gimper:
Found footage!! Boeing 2707-300 AV-02 doing a touch and go at Edwards AFB.

Longer version here:


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