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A quickie as the clock runs down ...

More Havoc for 1945 - RAAF Invaders

In January 1945, personnel from the RAAF's No. 22 Squadron relocated to Noemfoor Island in the Dutch East Indies for conversion training. There, No. 22 re-equipped with Douglas Invader B.Mk.IIs - releasing the Douglas Bostons that the unit had operated since April 1942. As before, the primary emphasis would be on low-level attack missions flown from Morotai Island.

'Gerringong Gertie' (DU-D, A45-18) [1] was lost in Geelvink Bay on 10 July 1945. 'Gertie' was returning 'engine out' from flak damage suffered while attacking Japanese shipping in the Celebes Sea. When the remaining engine overheated, the Invader had to be ditched.

No. 22 Squadron was also expected to perform a high-speed reconnaissance role. To that end, the Squadron received a handful of Invader PR.Mk.IIIs. To maximize performance, these recce aircraft were stripped down to bare metal. Markings were also kept to a bare minimum. [2] Recce Invader A45-24 is unusual in lacking underwing roundels. She also features a flat black anti-glare panel (where, more usually, these were painted in Foliage Green).


[1] A45 had been the serial for impressed Ford Trimotors (A45-1 out of service by 1943, A45-2 destroyed by bombing in 1942). This number was re-assigned for the pending arrival of the Invader in October 1944.

[2] Note that No.22 Sqn's recce Invaders carried individual aircraft letters but not squadron codes.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Nice!  Especially the bomber version in the green. 

I was building an old Airfix Invader as a Foliage Green RAAF example.  One of the kids happened, not exactly sure of the mechanics but the box it was in ended up flying across the room and the Invader was one of the fatalities.

Invaders look good

Even better, I might like one with metal finish and gun nose.



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