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Gatling Guns

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Jeffry Fontaine:
A bit dry but informative: Bell Textron AH-1S Cobra Helicopter Chin Turret and Rocket System

Dr. Gatlings Infernal Device.

Early electrified variants.

The November 15, 1890 issue of Scientific American contained an article on the Crocker-Wheeler Co.'s
development for the US Navy. Article and illustration scanned from The Gatling Gun, Paul Wahl and Don
Toppel (1965), ARCO Publishing edition 1978.

Dr. Gatling's Patent #502,185 for an integral electric drive version:,185&f=false

Camel Gatling.

A popular illustration from the late-19th century, however there is no evidence that the gun was ever used in such a fashion.    :-\
Rather Camel Gun was the name attached to the short-barreled Model 1874 for marketing purposes.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Pity the poor camel if they had actually used it in that fashion.  :smiley:

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