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Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde and Tu-144 Ideas and Inspiration

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A sensible Joint and cost effective British/French adoption of the Concord as a strategic bomber, so as to replace both the V-Bomber force and the Dassault Mirage IV.
Incorporation of flight refuelling receptor, RWR, ECM, Chaff & Flare depressors, attack & nav radars and a rotary weapons bay arrangement!! ;)

A real life opportunity lost in my opinion  :(


This is my attempt at a Concorde B.1.  One day I'll start a thread on how I got to this stage -----  ;)

I shortened the forward fuselage by 2 inches and I'm going with exposed after burner cans without thrust reversing (apparently that was how the RAF had wanted it [according to Tony Buttler])

I am going to slip in an interloper:  A Tu-144P Bombordski

Concorde Guppy...

Stand back !! I think it's going to Belch ! :o


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