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Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde and Tu-144 Ideas and Inspiration

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Cliffy B:
Hey guys, I used to live around the corner from Dulles directly in the flight path of the Concorde when I was little.  Mom's been going through a bunch of old photos lately and I picked out a few good ones.  There's bound to be more so I'll add them later on.  PM with an e-mail for high-res versions.

Top left = March 1988
Top right = November 1988
Bottom Two = January 1990 at Dulles


Have 1/144 kit.  Likely become strike bomber one day.

Cliffy B:
I saw Revell's 1/144 kit in the shop last month and I instantly thought; glossy black surveillance bird!  The bomber version has been done but I've yet to an SR version.  Anyone game?

Those are logical choices.
Since I build all to end up as 1/72.  Likely be strike fighter (like F-111) or long range interceptor of bombers etc.  One seat or two seat tandom.

I can see the Concorde rigged out for ELINT or ECM work.

Get her up high and fast and start jammimg or snooping.


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