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Carolina Moon Focused Energy Weapon

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Jeffry Fontaine:
When I first read about the Carolina Moon weapons and how they were used it got me interested and with no images of the actual weapons ever being released that would show you what it looked like it left me guessing and trying to figure out what shape this thing would take.  My original 3D model was a hockey puck shape with a rounded top and the sensor/fuzing window in the center.  After the FOIA request was answered it was obvious that my simplistic approach was down the wrong path and I started over again.  Not being sure if it was a hexagon or octagon shape had me creating two 3D models until I could study the sketch a bit more and I determined that this device was octagonal in shape with a truncated top and bottom.  Exact dimensions are still out on where the faceting begins and ends so I went with what looked close enough to make me happy.  Until an actual drawing or photograph of the device surfaces for public consumption we will never know for sure. 


--- Quote ---Earth’s battle against asteroids — just in case we get thrown into some sort of Deep Impact scenario — isn’t just going to be fought on this planet.

ESA wants to take it all the way to the Moon. When the Lunar Gateway is finally in orbit, besides serving as an outpost for astronauts headed to the cratered surface and (eventually) as a launchpad to Mars, it could also be on the front lines of asteroid defense. NASA is already getting ready to launch its DART mission next year to see how well it can take out a non-threatening asteroid, with ESA’s Hera spacecraft examining the aftermath. ESA is now collaborating with Politcecnico di Milano to see how we could best use the Gateway to defend Earth against potentially fatal asteroids.
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