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M114 Armored Command and Reconnaissance Carrier

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Jeffry Fontaine:
M114 Command and Reconnaissance Carrier

A great idea on paper but once it went into production it was found to have many faults. 

Found a what-if without even trying if this image is to be believed (click on the thumbnail to see the [much] larger image at Wikipedia). 

M114 with the cupola from an M60 series MBT which is a what if all by itself but upon closer inspection it is a what if within a what if as the cupola was normally armed with the M85 .50 machine gun which was designed to perform machine gunny things in the confines of that rather small cupola and in this image that cupola has been fitted with the barrel and forward section of the receiver group from an M2 .50 Browning HB machine gun.  Interesting what you can find without trying. :)

Additional reading on the M114 at (Robert Stefanowicz / Randy Mitchell): M114 - The Armored Jeep

M114 armed with ATGMs...say some Milans. ;)

Jeffry Fontaine:
Better off cutting down the hull and turning the thing into a stake truck with a flat bed for the cargo.  :)

Nice find!!!!   Always liked the sloping look of the M114, but realistically it was always way too small .....

Jeffry Fontaine:

--- Quote from: Queeg on October 14, 2012, 07:22:09 AM ---Nice find!!!!   Always liked the sloping look of the M114, but realistically it was always way too small .....

--- End quote ---

I had the opportunity to sit in the drivers seat of an M114 once upon a time in Germany when I was visiting another garrison to experience their obstacle course which just happened to be next to the motor pool/vehicle park.  One of the units had an M114 on the wash rack and I asked the sergeant politely if I could experience the drivers seat of his very fine armoured vehicle ( :) ) I guess they were short of personnel for those things and he agreed to let me do just that while he started telling me about how much fun it would be to crew one of these vehicles on the off chance I would be interested in converting to the infantry branch.  While he was promoting career opportunities I sat there and listened to that little Chevrolet 283 running next to me (the compartment wall was removed for maintenance) and realized that this was not a vehicle I wanted to be driving around in when being shot at.  The 100 gallon gasoline tank was mounted in the forward left part of the vehicle in front of the driver position so any incoming fire would surely turn you into a crisp in no time at all.  Kind of scary to think that the people that designed that vehicle would never consider placing the fuel cell in some other location like outside of the vehicle in two cells on either side of the rear access door.  Anyway that was my one and only time up close and personal with an M114.  I dare say that I like the idea of a little armored jeep type vehicle for all of the duties that it was supposed to perform but the automotive design truly sucked when it came to obstacles that would not slow down the larger M113 would have the M114 stopped completely. 

I have one of the Accurate Armour M114A1E2/M114A2 kits in the stash and have hopes to build it some day when I get over my fear of resin kits. 


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