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The question was asked, “What was the opportunity cost of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) acquiring a carrier fleet in the 1940s?” That is without the post war acquisition of carriers what could the Australian military forces have evolved into?

The following is an attempt to answer that question based on a discussion held on another web forum. While at the core the argument is without carriers the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) would be better resourced and the RAN would be more focused on surface combatants the discussion also branched into other areas. These included domestic Australian aircraft industry, Australian Army resourcing and organisation and the wider flow on effects and lost chances of post war Australian military history.

In order to provide the maximum accessibility I’ve been rewriting this discussion into narrative form and adding in some historical colour here and there. I’ve also started some line drawings of key pieces of new technology that are introduced in the narrative. As much as possible of this story is based on real history but because of historical branches there is a lot that is entirely fictional.

The following is an index and over the next few weeks I will be uploading the four chapters plus imagery. Any comments, arguments, inputs, insults, jokes, cheques, contributions, etc will of course be warmly welcomed! Also the others from the original discussion, in particular Volk., who have joined this forum should fess up so I know who you are here.

Opportunity Cost Teaser


* Chiefly’s Cabinet Decides
* RAAF Plans for Air Power Centrality
* One Army
* Surface Ship Navy
* Maritime Strike Wing
* CAC Twin Mustang
* Austank
* Shepard Robinson Machineguns
* The New Digger
* RAT: Rifle, Automatic, Thorpe 7mm
* Jet Fighter CA-23
* Robinson and the 30mm Marquardt Gun
* Australian Forces ORBAT 1950


* Menzies and the Korean War
* Australian Brigade of the Commonwealth Division
* Austank and the Birth of the Canadian-Australian Partnership (CAP)
* Assault Rifles in Korea
* RAAF Day and Night Meatboxes and the DHA Taipan
* CAC Kamarga
* Anti-Submarine Navy
* Columbia Class Destroyers
* HMAS Deloraine: Coastal Corvette
* Maritime Air Force: Shack and Hammerhead
* Medium Bomber Force
* Tudor's Heirs: Flying Wallabies and Kangaroos
* The Australian Supersonic Fighter
* The Swiss Storm Bird
* Australian Forces ORBAT 1958


* Cash Crisis and Confrontation
* CAP Delivers: Arrow, Argus, Kalkara and Kookaburra
* GAF Valiant Mk 20 and Low Altitude Penetration
* Woomera Rockets
* Second Generation Maritime Strike
* Army Expansion: One Army Matures
* Austank Tinnies
* Tiger Quoll: Foil to Aircraft
* Army’s Navy, Coastal Shipping and HMAS Tingira
* The New Cruiser and Tartars for the Navy
* Australian Built Helicopters
* Australian Forces ORBAT 1965


* VietNam War
* RAAF Ubon and the Magpie Wing
* Vung Tau Fire Brigade
* Ikara’s Child and the Armidale Class
* Sea Dragons and Market Timers
* CAC Wallaroo: Wallaby’s Big Brother
* Prime Mover: Cut Price COIN Aircraft
* Strike Wing Linebacker
* CAP’s Last Hurrah: Australian Canadian Advanced Fighter (ACAF)
* Australian Forces ORBAT 1972

Looks quite interesting.  Looking forward to this being fleshed out.  Some of the titles are quite appetising at least.



Looks very interesting...

Empty Handed:

--- Quote ---CAC Twin Mustang
--- End quote ---

DOH! Why didn't I think of that?!!

Some very interesting sounding stuff. Looking forward to more.


--- Quote from: Empty Handed on May 06, 2012, 07:25:12 AM ---
--- Quote ---CAC Twin Mustang
--- End quote ---

DOH! Why didn't I think of that?!!

--- End quote ---

I did - have kit for and I just need to get my arse into gear!!!


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