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GTX_Admin: about that?  I didn't even realise the JGSDF had introduced a new tank:  the Type 10:

Jeffry Fontaine:
Something that you do not see very much of due to a lack of eligible vehicles is this WW2 Japanese Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette Restoration Project

Wikipedia - Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette

That Japanese super-tank of WWII, it would have had a crew of 11 & weighed 100 tons

 The 100-ton tank proved to be a dismal failure during field trials, as deploying the vehicle was impossible.  The tank sank over a meter into the ground when it was driven off the concrete platform.  The ground at the test location was wet and rather soft; the smallest degree of vehicle rotation caused the tank to dig itself into the ground, and the road wheels to slip from the tracks.

So what would a *workable* design look like?

Type 2 Ka Mi Amphibious Tank at Ormoc, Leyte '45:

I was just reading how the Type 74 (pictured below) was considered early on by the ADF when they were looking for a Centurion replacement:


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