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GB April Fools Day Voting - Last Hours

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JP Vieira:
Hello to all
As you know the GB “April Fool’s Day” has already started.
It is a GB destined to works that, although still what-if, are as plausible as possible.
You all can participate with works already started and there are many works presented at this section that could be shown at the GB.
So, if you feel like presenting your work and win some prizes, you are welcome to start a thread on the GB section.
For any questions you can PM me.
Hope to see all of you soon at the GB
Best regards to all
JP Vieira

JP Vieira:
We still have some more 2 weeks until the end of this GB, so I renew my invitation to all forum members to participate.
Hope to see soon some of your amazing work at the GB.

JP Vieira:
Last week for entering work for this GB

JP Vieira:
The GB is over and now the voting has started.
Take a look at the amazing works presented and cast your vote.

JP Vieira:
I just want to point out there is a participative thread on the GB (identify what are the errors with an aircraft – Lightning F.6);

I hope to see you there participating in this thread (it is great fun) and also to vote on the best profiles/pixels and physical works presented in the GB

JP Vieira


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