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Hello all,
I would like to ask the question, could the SEPECAT Jaguar be modified to be a practical pure fighter from it's ground attack role? How would it be modified and will it be just internal as in different avionics or what about external changes?
Let the thought process begin...


There was an enhancement project to improve it's handling and called the Jaguar ACT.  I've got an Airwaves (IIRC) conversion to make one of my Jaguars like it. I'd have to dig it out from where it's hiding, but I think you have to enlarge the tail plane too.

EDIT: Just to refresh my memory I googled it. It was a Fly-by-Wire demonstrator and made to have unstable flight characteristics,  pilots who flew it were greatly impressed by it's maneuverability. The aircraft still exists and is on display at the RAF Museum. A few years ago it was restored/repainted, but despite loads of photos of it as it was, it got painted different.

Wouldn't something have to be done about a radar installation?

How about the Japanese version the F-1? Although I believe that was more of a strike aircraft than pure fighter.

So, if add ACT LERX, Mitsubishi F-1 nose section or IAF Jag M type nose with Blue Vixen radar, raise the cockpit up Sea Harrier style for better visibility, avionics for Sparrow or sky flash AAM's and over wing Sidewinders?
Does that sound good?


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