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A new idea.  What if WWII just doesn't happen?  This could take multiple forms, for example:

* Perhaps the League of Nations works and defuses tensions
* Perhaps the likes of Hitler just don't get the support and fritter away as a fringe nut job group
* Perhaps after WW1, people collectively say they have had enough of war
* Other...
Either way, we see the 1920s continue into the 1930s...into the 1940s but without any major wars.

Certain technologies would not have advanced as they did. We might still be flying around in prop airliners with the 707 on the drawing board. NASA would be dreaming of moon landings and space telescopes. Big debate on battleships compared to aircraft carriers. Could be interesting whiffs.

So we likely don't have a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and Germany doesn't go looking for Lebensraum. Is the lack of the Pact enough to keep Stalin (or whoever is in power there) from expansion plans?

So I'm surmising that the consequences of the aftermath of the Great War still effects and displaces millions, the Great Depression still occurs. This still equates to a sociological divide throughout the world - i.e. Growth in Socialism, Fascism (Although you state no Hitler, there still might me an influencing Nazi Party.... Mussolini unfortunately still comes to power, although without Hitler pissing in his pocket, his taste for conquest is curtailed), Nationalism and Communism still occurs.
Would there be a Spanish Civil War on the scale it occured?
If there's no Hitler, one would assume the Weimar Republic would continue and with that perhaps greater natural convergence with the Soviet Union for both trade of natural resources, and of course military technological experiment and development (Treaty of Rapallo & Treaty of Berlin) as a consequence of the Russian Revolution/Russian Civil War and the Treaty of Versailles, not to mention Germany's want to ensure a divide between Britain and Soviet Union.

If the Weimar Republic continues without Hitler's idelogical crap, I'm wondering if German would side with China rather than Imperial Japan? After all the Weimar Republic showed it's willingness to supply/equip and train the Nationalist Chinese government/military....

Could the Weimar Republic attempt to regain its lost colonies, taken from it as a consequence of losing the Great War?

Could there be a resurgence of British/US tensions, as a consequence of economics, the Great Depression or US ambition of empire building....

I do like the idea of a developing and mature Czechoslovakia, what with the growth in capability and reputation of Skoda, Ceska Zbrojovka, Avia, .....


The Nature of Evil being what it is, I could see several lesser curses inflicting the planet in the absence of the greater one.

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