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Luftwaffe: Secret Project Profiles features more than 200 highly-detailed full colour profiles of jet-propelled aircraft designs produced in Nazi Germany during the Second World War.
Renowned aviation artist Daniel Uhr has brought the original German construction sketches and three-views to life like never before - offering a whole new perspective on images previously only seen as black and white line drawings.
Accompanying Danielís artworks is a full description of the competitions and requirements which produced such a huge number of innovative and unusual designs during the war, as well as descriptions of the designs themselves, written by historian Dan Sharp - author of the acclaimed Luftwaffe: Secret series - and based on the latest historical research.
Offering a host of different colour schemes and detailed notes, this is indispensible reading for enthusiasts and modellers alike.

This looks interesting! Lots of inspiration!

And it is!

Just in case of not showing the image (cover)

Have copy already - nice work.


--- Quote from: GTX_Admin on December 19, 2018, 02:44:38 AM ---Have copy already - nice work.

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Wow! Great!
Thank you! ;)


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